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I received a lot of positive feedback during our Black Friday event last year, so I thought I’d bring it back but; Offer a few really cool things that I haven’t even released yet and; Get it all to you BEFORE the Black Friday madness begins. Please click HERE to check out the sale but; […]

IBM released a study where they found that 97% of all cold calls never result in an appointment. LeapJob was less optimistic and found that number to be more like 98%! Sounds pretty grim, no? While you could easily point your finger at cold calling, and even jump on the bandwagon that feels the cold […]

I have 3 cold calling resources for you today and the great news is that 2 out of 3 of them are FREE! Resource #1: A FREE Worksheet To Help You Triple Your Responses To Common Objections. Download it by clicking HERE. Resource #2: A FREE Worksheet To Help You Respond To The “Call Me […]

This ones for all the humble students in my Sales Playbook community; Do you want to develop some all caps RIDICULOUS Sales Chops? Then click HERE and do it soon, because this link disappears on November 26th! Go to Sales Playbook Paul Castain is the Vice President of Sales Development for Consolidated Graphics where he […]

I’ve mentioned it before, and I’m going to mention it again; 82% of the sales emails you send are NEVER even opened! But in your defense, you’re an aspiring sales rock star, NOT some Madison Avenue copywriter! Meanwhile, you’re disregarded, deleted and someone else is sweeping your potential client off their feet! Sucks, right? For the better […]

If you haven’t listened to this week’s free audio sales lesson, you really should do so ASAP. Its super timely in that we address prospecting during a holiday week. Download this episode (right click and save) Join Us For Our Cold Calls That ROCK Webinar Here’s what I’m going to share . . . How […]

So there you are, cold calling away. Somewhere between the voicemails, and the “Not interesteds”, are a handful of calls that actually went well but; Didn’t result in an appointment. What happens next? For most sales reps, its an alarm set in their CRM to callback again. And that’s exactly what one should do if […]

I have 5 email templates that I’ve been using to warm up my cold calls. They’re different, they’ll help you stand out and most of all; Help YOU warm up your cold calls! I will be sending them along to everyone who signs up for our Cold Calls That ROCK webinar. It all takes place […]

This week I have a FREE worksheet to help you; Craft BETTER responses to typical phone objections and; Triple your responses!. Click HERE to instantly download your FREE copy! And do mark your calendar for December 1st at 11:30 am so you can join us for our; Cold Calls That ROCK webinar. Here’s what I’m going […]

Next time you find yourself knee deep in a thousand excuses NOT to pick up the phone and prospect; Read this motivational PDF I’ve created for just such an occasion! In fact, don’t wait until you DON’T feel like picking up the phone; Read it EVERYDAY! Click HERE and enjoy this FREE download! Here’s How You […]