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What are you going to do, RIGHT NOW, to get MORE deals in the pipeline and; EXPEDITE the deals you’re working on; BEFORE the holiday season hits and; Everyone starts mentally checking out and telling you to; “Call me back AFTER the holidays” One way, is to get a firm commitment on WHEN delivery, launch, […]

There are so many things  that could be considered a “competitive edge”, but unfortunately, they can also be duplicated. We’ve seen this with technology, chains of stores that once dominated the market, and even companies that claimed to have the lowest price . . . Until someone else came along and found a way to do […]

The “secret” to better relationships with your prospects and clients is actually very simple. Its so simple, that you’ll want to dismiss it, so let’s make a pinkie promise that you won’t. Ready? In order to have a better relationship you need; Better communication and; In order to have better communication; You need to be asking […]

I want to share with you five tips that all lawyers and law firms need to have for an effective website. Did you know that your website is one of the most important marketing tools you have?   Take a few minutes to make sure your site measures up. I know that not having enough time is […]

So here we are again, rapidly approaching year end. For those of us in sales, that means a final push in order to finish the year STRONG! If only it were that simple! Between now and year end, there are a few obstacles you’re going to have to navigate. You have several holidays like Election […]

In just about 10 weeks from now we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the states and; So begins the mental checkout many of your clients and prospects experience, as they tag a few days onto the front end, and back end of the holiday. Then business goes back to normal for a week or two and […]

There’s a really simple thing you should be doing with your prospects in order to keep your deals from stalling out. Ready? Assign homework! At the end of every meeting assign yourself some homework first (nobody ever gets pissed if you give yourself work to do). Then you assign your prospect some too. Here’s what […]

This is one of those tips that you’ll want to dismiss because of its simplicity but then again; If you aren’t doing it, who really gives a sh*t if its simple or complicated? Ready? According to research firm BASEX, the average person loses 2.1 hours per day to interruptions. What if you found a way […]

Sometimes we confuse hard work (and all these “hustling” messages being spewed by thought leaders) with working smart. Like continually getting stopped by “gatekeepers”. There are some who would tell you to “just keep dialing” which in and of itself is an antiquated philosophy since the last time I “dialed a phone” Jimmy Carter was President. […]

In this week’s episode of The Sales Playbook Podcast, we talk about the mindset, skills and activities you REALLY need to have this time of year. There’s even a cool freebie that I mention during the podcast. All yours for the taking once you give this week’s FREE sales lesson a listen! Download this episode […]